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Opening times

The Toddlers e.V. is open Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 3:00pm, pick-up time is 2:30pm.
We are closed for national holidays and for some of the days of Bremen’s public school holidays.


The monthly fee per child is €380.
A one-time, fully refundable deposit of €350 is required. This includes the deposit for keys.

Financial Aid

In case you need financial support with paying the Kita fees you can apply for aid at the Elternbeitragsstelle Bremen. On their Webpage you'll find all the forms and information necessary to do so. We're glad to provide support to our parents who run into trouble in filling out those forms.

Parent's duties

All parents are responsible for ongoing duties throughout the year as well as at least one special one-time task.
In order to keep our doors open, when a teacher cannot come in, parents sometimes need to substitute for a day.

Midday Meal

The midday meal is Bio-certified and catered by Leibspeise. Of course a vegetarian option is available upon request.

Verbund Bremer Kindergruppen

We are member of the "Verbund Bremer Kindergruppen", which is a leading-organization of parent initiatives in Bremen. They lend support to boards, parents and teachers in various concerns (i.e. organization, education, employment, financial matters, ...).

Verbund Bremer Kindergruppen e.V.
zusammen groß werden e. V.

Admiralstrasse 54
28215 Bremen

Tel.: 0421-502663
Fax: 0421-592437

The Toddlers e.V. · Hermann-Böse-Straße 35 · 28209 Bremen

Picture: Children (Basic)